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4:53 pm jmuth scored 813 in Thursday's cryptogram.
4:52 pm jmuth played in Wednesday's cryptogram.
4:49 pm jmuth scored 574 in Thursday's quiz.
4:48 pm jmuth scored 697 in Thursday's jumble.
4:46 pm jmuth solved Thursday's hangman.
2:09 pm jbug1262 solved Wednesday's hangman.
2:07 pm jbug1262 scored 684 in Wednesday's jumble.
2:04 pm jbug1262 took Wednesday's quiz.
10:04 am Dennis T solved Thursday's hangman.
10:03 am Dennis T solved Wednesday's hangman.
10:03 am Dennis T solved Tuesday's hangman.
10:02 am Dennis T solved Monday's hangman.
10:01 am Dennis T solved Sunday's hangman.
10:00 am Dennis T took Thursday's quiz.
9:59 am Dennis T took Wednesday's quiz.
9:58 am Dennis T took Tuesday's quiz.
9:56 am Dennis T scored 523 in Thursday's jumble.
9:54 am Dennis T scored 640 in Wednesday's jumble.
9:52 am Dennis T scored 660 in Tuesday's jumble.
9:51 am Dennis T scored 678 in Monday's jumble.
9:49 am Dennis T scored 625 in Sunday's jumble.
9:31 am Musicnut scored 852 in Thursday's cryptogram.
9:28 am Musicnut scored 638 in Thursday's jumble.
9:26 am Musicnut solved Thursday's hangman.
6:39 am Denden solved Thursday's hangman.
6:39 am Denden scored 558 in Thursday's jumble.
6:37 am Denden scored 775 in Thursday's cryptogram.
6:34 am Denden took Thursday's quiz.
3:55 am Nori was hung in Saturday's hangman.


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