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4:16 pm jmuth scored 848 in Thursday's cryptogram.
4:14 pm jmuth played Thursday's jumble.
4:12 pm jmuth solved Thursday's hangman.
3:48 pm jmuth scored 758 in Thursday's quiz.
2:47 pm jbug1262 kept the ball rolling with "Lies Greed, Misery" by Linkin Park.
2:41 pm jbug1262 solved Tuesday's hangman.
2:40 pm jbug1262 solved Monday's hangman.
2:39 pm jbug1262 scored 510 in Tuesday's jumble.
2:37 pm jbug1262 scored 856 in Monday's jumble.
2:36 pm jbug1262 scored 664 in Tuesday's quiz.
2:30 pm ODZKing solved Thursday's hangman.
2:30 pm ODZKing scored 759 in Thursday's quiz.
7:57 am bippy2121 scored 576 in Thursday's quiz.
7:56 am bippy2121 solved Thursday's hangman.
7:03 am Denden scored 549 in Thursday's cryptogram.
7:01 am Denden scored 739 in Wednesday's cryptogram.
6:58 am Denden scored 868 in Thursday's quiz.
6:57 am Denden scored 579 in Wednesday's quiz.
6:47 am dnoland replied to "Brenda Lee."
4:11 am Dennis T solved Thursday's hangman.
4:10 am Dennis T solved Wednesday's hangman.
4:07 am Dennis T scored 576 in Thursday's quiz.
4:06 am Dennis T scored 770 in Wednesday's quiz.
4:05 am Dennis T played Thursday's jumble.
4:03 am Dennis T scored 682 in Wednesday's jumble.
2:07 am neriaty was hung in Saturday's hangman.
2:05 am neriaty was hung in Wednesday's hangman.
2:04 am neriaty was hung in Sunday's hangman.
2:02 am neriaty solved Thursday's hangman.


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