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1:21 am jbug1262 solved Saturday's hangman.
1:20 am jbug1262 scored 708 in Saturday's jumble.
1:19 am jbug1262 took Saturday's quiz.
1:03 am dhalper scored 568 in Sunday's quiz.
1:02 am jbug1262 scored 669 in Friday's quiz.
1:01 am jbug1262 kept the ball rolling with "Place Where You Belong" by Shai.
12:58 am jbug1262 scored 542 in Friday's jumble.
12:56 am jbug1262 solved Friday's hangman.
Yesterday Paco submitted lyrics to What Am I Gonna Do by Smith.
Yesterday Musicnut scored 889 in Saturday's cryptogram.
Yesterday Musicnut scored 784 in Saturday's jumble.
Yesterday Musicnut solved Saturday's hangman.
Yesterday Denden solved Saturday's hangman.
Yesterday Denden scored 768 in Saturday's jumble.
Yesterday Denden scored 753 in Saturday's cryptogram.
Yesterday Denden scored 665 in Saturday's quiz.
Yesterday ODZKing solved Saturday's hangman.
Yesterday ODZKing scored 748 in Saturday's quiz.
Yesterday Rich shared Johnnie Morisette - Meet Me At The Twistin' Place.mp3
Yesterday Dennis T solved Saturday's hangman.
Yesterday Dennis T solved Friday's hangman.
Yesterday Rich kept the ball rolling with "Meet Me At The Twistin' Place" by Johnnie Morisette.
Yesterday Dennis T was hung in Thursday's hangman.
Yesterday Dennis T took Saturday's quiz.
Yesterday Dennis T scored 761 in Friday's quiz.
Yesterday Dennis T took Thursday's quiz.
Yesterday Dennis T played Saturday's jumble.
Yesterday Dennis T scored 621 in Friday's jumble.
Yesterday Dennis T scored 673 in Thursday's jumble.


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