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7:29 am Musicnut scored 927 in Tuesday's cryptogram.
7:27 am Musicnut scored 737 in Tuesday's jumble.
7:25 am Musicnut solved Tuesday's hangman.
12:38 am Denden solved Tuesday's hangman.
12:38 am Denden scored 712 in Tuesday's jumble.
12:37 am Denden scored 817 in Tuesday's cryptogram.
12:35 am Denden took Tuesday's quiz.
12:31 am dhalper suggested correction to "Makin' Love" by Floyd Robinson.
12:21 am dhalper scored 671 in Tuesday's quiz.
Yesterday Kurmudgeon started a discussion "Aretha Franklin."
Yesterday Kurmudgeon shared 09 You Keep Me Hangin' On.mp3
Yesterday Kurmudgeon shared 03 Midnight Train To Georgia.mp3
Yesterday ronkins scored 762 in Monday's jumble.
Yesterday ronkins solved Sunday's hangman.
Yesterday ronkins was hung in Monday's hangman.
Yesterday bippy2121 scored 623 in Friday's jumble.
Yesterday bippy2121 scored 679 in Sunday's quiz.
Yesterday bippy2121 took Monday's quiz.
Yesterday bippy2121 took Saturday's quiz.
Yesterday bippy2121 scored 742 in Monday's jumble.
Yesterday tabs4959 scored 571 in Monday's quiz.
Yesterday Musicnut scored 932 in Monday's cryptogram.
Yesterday stourte solved Monday's hangman.
Yesterday Musicnut scored 827 in Monday's jumble.
Yesterday stourte was hung in Sunday's hangman.
Yesterday Musicnut solved Monday's hangman.
Yesterday stourte was hung in Saturday's hangman.
Yesterday stourte was hung in Friday's hangman.
Yesterday Tapperass scored 674 in Sunday's quiz.


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