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5:46 pm jmuth scored 908 in Tuesday's cryptogram.
5:44 pm jmuth played Tuesday's jumble.
5:16 pm jmuth solved Tuesday's hangman.
4:44 pm jmuth scored 754 in Tuesday's quiz.
4:21 pm Rich shared Impressions - Woman's Got Soul.mp3
4:19 pm Rich kept the ball rolling with "Woman's Got Soul" by The Impressions.
2:21 pm ODZKing shared George Harrison - If Not For You.mp3
2:20 pm ODZKing replied to "Dylan cover."
2:16 pm jbug1262 solved Monday's hangman.
2:15 pm jbug1262 scored 751 in Monday's jumble.
2:13 pm jbug1262 kept the ball rolling with "Needs His Woman" by Eric Clapton.
2:09 pm jbug1262 scored 762 in Monday's quiz.
12:34 pm Roel replied to "Dylan cover."
12:33 pm Roel shared Olivia Newton-John - If Not For You.mp3
10:23 am bippy2121 took Tuesday's quiz.
10:22 am bippy2121 took Sunday's quiz.
10:21 am bippy2121 scored 674 in Monday's quiz.
10:20 am bippy2121 solved Friday's hangman.
10:19 am bippy2121 was hung in Saturday's hangman.
10:19 am bippy2121 was hung in Sunday's hangman.
9:22 am bippy2121 was hung in Monday's hangman.
9:21 am bippy2121 solved Tuesday's hangman.
1:23 am dhalper scored 857 in Tuesday's quiz.
1:14 am Denden was hung in Tuesday's hangman.
1:13 am Denden scored 760 in Tuesday's jumble.
1:12 am Denden scored 902 in Tuesday's cryptogram.
1:10 am Denden took Tuesday's quiz.
12:45 am Musicnut scored 846 in Tuesday's cryptogram.
12:42 am Musicnut scored 783 in Tuesday's jumble.


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