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House Party
by Sam Hunt


by Luke Bryan


Craving You
by Thomas Rhett Feat. Maren Morris


So Macho
by Sinitta


The Fonz Song
by The Heyettes


Soul Meeting
by The Soul Clan


What's Happening

7:08 pm jmuth scored 796 in Tuesday's cryptogram.
7:06 pm jmuth scored 894 in Tuesday's jumble.
7:05 pm jmuth solved Tuesday's hangman.
7:04 pm jmuth took Tuesday's quiz.
10:54 am Tapperass scored 876 in Sunday's jumble.
10:53 am Tapperass scored 788 in Saturday's jumble.
10:53 am Tapperass scored 703 in Friday's jumble.
10:48 am Tapperass scored 699 in Sunday's cryptogram.
10:44 am Tapperass scored 754 in Saturday's cryptogram.
10:41 am Tapperass was hung in Monday's hangman.
10:40 am Tapperass solved Sunday's hangman.
10:39 am Tapperass was hung in Saturday's hangman.
10:38 am Tapperass solved Friday's hangman.
10:37 am Tapperass scored 575 in Monday's quiz.
10:36 am Tapperass scored 576 in Sunday's quiz.
10:00 am ODZKing solved Tuesday's hangman.
9:59 am ODZKing scored 858 in Tuesday's quiz.
12:26 am dhalper scored 576 in Tuesday's quiz.
12:25 am dhalper scored 862 in Monday's quiz.
12:10 am Musicnut scored 678 in Tuesday's cryptogram.
12:07 am Musicnut scored 931 in Tuesday's jumble.
12:06 am Musicnut solved Tuesday's hangman.
Yesterday Musicnut scored 934 in Monday's cryptogram.
Yesterday Musicnut scored 897 in Monday's jumble.
Yesterday Musicnut solved Monday's hangman.
Yesterday jmuth scored 930 in Monday's cryptogram.
Yesterday jmuth scored 717 in Sunday's cryptogram.
Yesterday jmuth scored 963 in Saturday's cryptogram.
Yesterday jmuth scored 883 in Monday's jumble.


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