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3:52 am Musicnut scored 785 in Wednesday's cryptogram.
3:48 am Musicnut scored 791 in Wednesday's jumble.
3:47 am Musicnut was hung in Wednesday's hangman.
1:08 am tabs4959 took Wednesday's quiz.
12:49 am Denden was hung in Wednesday's hangman.
12:49 am Denden scored 763 in Wednesday's jumble.
12:48 am Denden scored 911 in Wednesday's cryptogram.
12:46 am Denden scored 569 in Wednesday's quiz.
12:15 am dhalper scored 574 in Wednesday's quiz.
Yesterday Raechel scored 921 in Tuesday's cryptogram.
Yesterday Denden suggested correction to "Let It Whip" by Dazz Band.
Yesterday Raechel scored 725 in Monday's cryptogram.
Yesterday Raechel scored 734 in Tuesday's jumble.
Yesterday Raechel scored 548 in Monday's jumble.
Yesterday Raechel solved Tuesday's hangman.
Yesterday Raechel solved Monday's hangman.
Yesterday Kurmudgeon replied to "Shake It Off."
Yesterday Kurmudgeon shared Shake It Off.mp3
Yesterday canadagirl started a discussion "Shake It Off."
Yesterday DON replied to "Good Morning Vietnam."
Yesterday Gatorboy took Monday's quiz.
Yesterday Gatorboy took Sunday's quiz.
Yesterday Gatorboy kept the ball rolling with "You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly" by Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn.
Yesterday Gatorboy solved Tuesday's hangman.
Yesterday mickeydin83 solved Tuesday's hangman.
Yesterday mickeydin83 solved Monday's hangman.
Yesterday ODZKing was hung in Tuesday's hangman.
Yesterday ODZKing scored 757 in Tuesday's quiz.
Yesterday mickeydin83 solved Sunday's hangman.


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