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West Coast Woman
by Painter


Bang Bang
by Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj


Busy Being Fabulous
by Eagles


What's Happening

9:14 am ODZKing scored 948 in Monday's quiz.
9:10 am ODZKing was hung in Monday's hangman.
9:10 am ODZKing was hung in Sunday's hangman.
9:10 am ODZKing scored 765 in Sunday's quiz.
6:55 am Denden solved Monday's hangman.
6:53 am Denden scored 734 in Monday's jumble.
6:52 am Denden scored 932 in Monday's cryptogram.
6:51 am Denden scored 773 in Monday's quiz.
12:49 am Musicnut scored 915 in Monday's cryptogram.
12:48 am Musicnut scored 732 in Monday's jumble.
12:46 am Musicnut solved Monday's hangman.
12:22 am dhalper scored 675 in Monday's quiz.
Yesterday Kurmudgeon started a discussion "Win 8.1."
Yesterday Denden was hung in Sunday's hangman.
Yesterday Denden scored 641 in Sunday's jumble.
Yesterday Denden scored 886 in Sunday's cryptogram.
Yesterday Denden scored 579 in Sunday's quiz.
Yesterday tabs4959 scored 678 in Sunday's quiz.
Yesterday PrincessLadyBug started a discussion "The Whispers It's a Love Thing."
Yesterday Musicnut scored 787 in Sunday's cryptogram.
Yesterday Musicnut played Sunday's jumble.
Yesterday Musicnut solved Sunday's hangman.
Yesterday dhalper scored 863 in Sunday's quiz.
Saturday Denden suggested correction to "Your Love" by Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr..
Saturday tabs4959 replied to "Kamasi Washington."
Saturday Denden solved Saturday's hangman.
Saturday Denden scored 871 in Saturday's jumble.
Saturday Denden scored 790 in Saturday's cryptogram.
Saturday Denden scored 676 in Saturday's quiz.


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