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Lyrics by: Frank Robinson
# Debut Chart
50 Dec '71 Hot 100
6 Dec '71 Adult Contemp
49 Jan '72 R&B


At night I find that I can't sleep All day long I walk the streets My heart is filled with misery and pain Tears fill my eyes when I speak your name CHORUS The harder I try The bluer I get Lord knows that I I haven't gotten over losing you

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I can't get over losing you I can't get over losing you I'm so lonely I've lost my pride I've got tears that I can't hide Every day I'm so sad and blue Without your love, what would I do (chorus) Last night I held someone new But when I kissed her lips I was seeing you A kiss like this has no meaning you see And life without you has no future for me (chorus) I can't get over losing you...


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